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November 26, 2018

A Model for Technical Writing Workshops in Digital Humanities

Adam Crymble

In the summer of 2018, we hosted a successful Writing Workshop in Bogotá, Colombia that brought twenty-two talented scholars together from across the Americas to write about digital methods. We’ve written about the workshop already on our blog (Writing Workshop Report Bogotá, Colobmia). But we’ve since put together some resources that will help anyone host a similar event. Those resources include the video embedded above, which gives a flavour for what we were up to. But we’ve also released an archive of the event’s papertrail by publishing all of our documentation openly on Zenodo.

The archive includes our Grant Report to the British Academy (our sponsor), our publicity poster, the final schedule, photos of the event, videos of all of the talks, and our grant application. We like to think of it as good practice to share. We hope you’ll find it useful and we’d love to hear how you make use of these resources.

The ‘Escriture en humanidades digitales para América Latina’ was held in Spanish and hosted by Adam Crymble, Maria-José Afanador Llach, and José Antonio Motilla. It was sponsored by the British Academy, with in-kind support provided by the University of Hertfordshire and Universidad de los Andes. Thank you also to our participants who made it a memorable week.

About the author

Adam Crymble, University College London.