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March 14, 2017

Matthew Lincoln joins Project Team

Adam Crymble

Matthew Lincoln has joined the Programming Historian

We are pleased to announce that Matthew Lincoln has joined the Programming Historian project team. Matthew is a data research specialist at the Getty Research Institute, and an art historian of early modern Europe. He brings to the project a wealth of technical knowledge that will help us make real improvements to our website, including making it easier to catch problems that creep into existing lessons so that they can be repaired.

Matthew has been a long-time friend of the project, having reviewed lessons, contributed to the website development, and authored two important tutorials:

1 - Matthew Lincoln, ‘Using SPARQL to access Linked Open Data’, Programming Historian (2015).

2 - Matthew Lincoln, ‘Reshaping JSON with Jq’, Programming Historian (2016).

He will also take on a role as an editor, working with authors to develop our offering of lessons about research data re-use, data publication, and linked data.

We’re looking forward to working with him.

About the author

Adam Crymble is a senior lecturer of digital history.