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October 18, 2021

Giving Your First Digital History Workshop with Programming Historian

Adam Crymble

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Programming Historian, in collaboration with the Institute of Historical Research, is proud to offer a free online workshop for educators in higher education who want to learn practical strategies for leading a digital history workshop. Please share this notice with colleagues who are looking to build their digital teaching portfolio.

Event Details

Learn how you can use Programming Historian to teach digital humanities skills to your students.

Join Dr. Adam Crymble (UCL) and Anisa Hawes (Programming Historian) for a free Programming Historian Teaching Workshop aimed at history and humanities educators at university level.

This 90-minute online workshop will introduce you to the unique tutorials of the Programming Historian, which publishes novice-friendly, peer-reviewed tutorials that help humanists learn a wide range of digital tools, techniques, and workflows to facilitate research and teaching. It is now publishing in 4 languages (English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese), and reaching an audience of 2-million readers per year.

Participants will:

Accessibility Statement:

We always try to be mindful of accessibility needs. But if you know you need an adjustment we’d be very happy to hear from you so we can make this session accessible for everyone. Including you. Email Adam at

Sponsorship Notice:

This workshop is financially supported by the Institute of Historical Research, as part of its “Our Century” Centenary Events Programme. We are grateful for their support.

The programme has also benefited from the intellectual contributions of colleagues at UCLDH, the Centre for Data, Culture, & Society (University of Edinburgh), and members of the digital humanities programme at Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia.

About the author

Adam Crymble, University College London.