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September 14, 2023

Hello all! I’m the new Digital Humanities Publishing Assistant.

Charlotte Chevrie

portrait of our new Digital Humanities Publishing Assistant
Portrait of our new Digital Humanities Publishing Assistant

I am very excited to begin my journey as Programming Historian’s new Digital Humanities Publishing Assistant. I will be learning from Anisa how best to support the four journals in their publication workflow, lesson maintenance and team-wide communication, allowing her to focus her energy and experience on the bigger picture of the project as it keeps evolving. I very much look forward to working alongside a diverse, multilingual team and getting to learn from each member’s individual expertise.

My study and research

I have just finished my Masters degree in Publishing at UCL, where I learned more about Open Access and became interested in supporting the production and dissemination of knowledge across the globe, and finding ways to cross barriers of culture and wealth. My dissertation research looked into the specific challenges of adapting new processes of peer review for philosophy, a subject often overlooked in discussions of alternative publishing methods. I am interested in finding ways to streamline the publication workflows of subjects which, like philosophy or digital humanities, straddle the conceptual limit between the arts and humanities and the sciences.

My experience

So far, I have had some preliminary experience as a publishing intern for UCL Press, a small Open Access university press, and as an editorial and operations assistant for OpenKit, a small software development company. I am a native speaker of English and French and have some conversational ability in Spanish. I hope to find common ground with you all on the subjects of languages, digital tools and Open Science!

About the author

Charlotte Chevrie, Publishing Assistant, Programming Historian. ORCID id icon