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July 7, 2021

Hello! I’m the new Digital Humanities Publishing Assistant.

Anisa Hawes

portrait of our new Digital Humanities Publishing Assistant
portrait of our new Digital Humanities Publishing Assistant

This week, I’ve joined the Programming Historian team as Digital Humanities Publishing Assistant.

I’m looking forward to supporting the publishing workflow by contributing to lesson maintenance, identifying and fixing bugs, training new editorial team members, and writing project documentation.

I’m especially excited about working within a global team of colleagues with diverse backgrounds and experiences – who are as keen as I am, to exchange and continue building upon their knowledge.

My study and research background

I hold a Masters degree in Archives and Records Management from UCL, and have over a decade of experience working in national museums. It was at the intersection of these two areas of specialism, that I honed my interest in the challenges posed by digital objects in settings where the handling and study of traditional, material objects determine our long-established workflows and ways of thinking. From 2015-2018, I was the Lead Researcher on the Collecting and Curating Digital Posters project at the Victoria & Albert Museum. During this time, I began to work with web archiving tools to capture digital graphics and poster-like objects, within their native context.

My freelance practice

In the 3 years since, I have established myself as a freelance web archivist. I’ve developed particular expertise in capturing complex, interactive online content and social media, choosing to work primarily with Rhizome’s Conifer and the Webrecorder tool suite. I’ve undertaken commissions for a range of organisations including Amnesty International and the Imperial War Museum, where I archived the online life of 14-18 – a collection which has now been acquired by the UK Web Archive.

I live and work in London.

About the author

Anisa Hawes, Programming Historian, Publishing Manager.