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Call for applications: the English Programming Historian is recruiting editors

The English edition of the Programming Historian is seeking editors to work actively to solicit and edit lessons. Our lessons focus on providing humanities and social science scholars with the skills to interpret the outputs of digital methods, allowing readers to move from digital data to publishable research.

Key information

About the Programming Historian

Launched in 2012, Programming Historian offers more than 200 novice-friendly, multilingual peer-reviewed tutorials that help humanists learn a wide range of digital tools, techniques, and workflows to facilitate their research. In recent years, the interdisciplinary publication has expanded to include Spanish, French, and Portuguese editions. Programming Historian is a volunteer-led initiative, supported by the Board of the not-for-profit company ProgHist Ltd, and community contributors.

Skills and competencies:




Programming Historian editors are expected to:


Additional opportunities include:

Managing Editor Alex Wermer-Colan (Temple University) and Publishing Manager Anisa Hawes will offer training and support to new editors on the Programming Historian’s editorial approaches and policies. In keeping with our commitment to diversity and access to digital humanities, we are particularly interested in hearing from women, members of any minority groups, LGBTQ+ members, and peoples from the Global South. With this call, we strongly encourage the participation of Anglophone and multilingual communities beyond North America.


Interested candidates should submit a 1-page CV and a ~300-word expression of interest outlining your interests, experience and skills to the Managing Editor, Alex Wermer-Colan, by 15 October 2023.

If you’d like to ask any questions about this role, please write to the Managing Editor, Alex Wermer-Colan or our Publishing Manager, Anisa Hawes.