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Supporting the Programming Historian

The Programming Historian is a volunteer-driven project. We are committed to open source values and our content will not disappear behind a paywall. However, in order for it to grow, improve, and sustain our work, in 2018 the Editorial Board of The Programming Historian started to put in place financial and policy-based mechanisms for accepting sponsorship and donations. This enables us to:


The project is grateful for the following support:

Individual donors to the Programming Historian are vital to growing, improving, and sustaining our work. We welcome both one-time and ongoing donations:

If you represent an organisation or group who are interested in sponsoring The Programming Historian, please contact James Baker to discuss. Sponsorship can be financial, in-kind, or a combination of both. Sponsorship length and value are negotiable.

All sponsorship is subject to agreement by the Editorial Board of The Programming Historian. In order to avoid perceived conflicts of interest, safeguard our peer review process, and ensure our academic integrity, the Editorial Board have agreed not to accept the following forms of sponsorship

Haven’t got any money?

The Programming Historian runs on the far-from-endless energy of volunteers, and we want to hear from anyone who shares our interest in teaching digital methods, forging new processes of peer review, and building diversity in the digital humanities community. So if you are unwilling or unable to donate to The Programming Historian, but want to contribute in some way, please see our ‘Contribute to The Programming Historian’ page where we’ve outlined common ways to contribute.

Management of Donations and Sponsorship

Donations and sponsorship are managed by James Baker on behalf of the Editorial Board of The Programming Historian.