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Editorial Board

Maria José Afanador-Llach is an assistant professor of Digital Humanities and History at the Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá (Colombia), and member of the board of Directors at the Fundación Histórica Neogranadina, a non-profit organization digitizing endangered colonial archives in Colombia and promoting digital humanities projects.

Spanish Team Ombudsperson (Spanish) Editorial Board

James Baker is a Lecturer in Digital History and Archives at the University of Sussex and a historian of interactions between people and things.

Editorial Team Editorial Board Archivist

Adam Crymble is a lecturer of digital history at the University of Hertfordshire.

Editorial Team Community Engagement Editorial Board

Víctor Gayol is a researcher and professor of history at El Colegio de Michoacán, A.C. (CPI-CONACYT), México.

Spanish Team Managing Editor (Spanish) Editorial Board

Matthew Lincoln is a data research specialist at the Getty Research Institute, and an art historian of early modern Europe.

Editorial Team Technical Team Editorial Board

Ian Milligan is an associate professor of history at the University of Waterloo. He is interested in working with authors on topics including: network analysis, text analysis and data mining, as well as intermediate to advanced-level lessons more generally.

Editorial Team Editorial Board Ombudsperson

José Antonio Motilla is a researcher of history, art, culture and digital humanities at the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, México. Director of the “Ricardo B. Anaya" Library (San Luis Potosí, México).

Spanish Team Editorial Board

Jessica Parr teaches at Simmons College (Boston) and works on PLACE Project at UNH Durham. She is a scholar of the early modern Atlantic. She is interested in working with authors on geospatial lessons as well as textual-geospatial lessons.

Editorial Team Managing Editor Editorial Board

Antonio Rojas Castro is a researcher a the Cologne Center for eHumanities, with a PhD in Humanities (Spanish Literature).

Spanish Team Managing Editor (Spanish) Editorial Board

Anandi Silva Knuppel is a digital scholarship training coordinator at Emory University.

Editorial Team Editorial Board

Amanda Visconti is Managing Director at the University of Virginia Scholars' Lab DH center. As a PH ombudsperson, you can contact Amanda to discuss any issues or concerns around the PH review and publication process.

Technical Team Ombudsperson Editorial Board

Brandon Walsh is Head of Graduate Programs in the Scholars' Lab in the University of Virginia Library.

Editorial Team Community Engagement Editorial Board

Jeri Wieringa is a doctoral candidate in history at George Mason University. She is interested in working with authors on: accessibility and interface design; data visualization; network analysis; text and data mining; workflows; and introductory lessons.

Editorial Team Editorial Board

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Community Participants

The Programming Historian also benefits enormously from the efforts of people who volunteer their time and energy. If you are interested in pitching in, either for a single project or in an ongoing role, please find out how to contribute!

We are especially grateful to the dedicated Programming Historian authors who are not members of the Project Team:

William J. Turkel, Caleb McDaniel, Fred Gibbs, Stephen Margheim, Evan Taparata, Taryn Dewar, Andrew Hnatow, Daniel van Strien, Kim Pham, Kellen Kurschinski, Seth Bernstein, Amanda Morton, Miriam Posner, Jeremy Boggs, Allison Hegel, Alan MacEachern, Carrie Sanders, Dennis Tenen, Grant Wythoff, Shawn Graham, Scott Weingart, Jim Clifford, Daniel Macfarlane, Josh MacFadyen, Jon Crump, Vilja Hulden, Marten Düring, Max De Wilde, Ruben Verborgh, Seth van Hooland, Jonathan Reeve, Spencer Roberts, Doug Knox, Heather Froehlich, Laura Turner O’Hara, Sarah Simpkin, Megan R. Brett, Ted Dawson, M. H. Beals, Elizabeth Venditto, Jacob W. Greene, Jeanette Sewell, Boris Capitanu, Peter Organisciak, Justin Colson, Taylor Arnold, Lauren Tilton, Stephanie J. Richmond, Tommy Tavenner, Jonathan Blaney, Daniel Ruten, Nabeel Siddiqui, Evan Peter Williamson, John Ladd, Jessica Otis, Christopher N. Warren, Ryan Deschamps, Viola Wiegand, Michaela Mahlberg, Peter Stockwell, Beatrice Alex, Zoë Wilkinson Saldaña, and, hopefully, you! Find out more about becoming an author.

We also thank everyone who has helped to review lessons by reporting issues, fixing errors, or conducting formal peer reviews. At the time of writing, this has included the following people:

Lisa Lowry, Peggy Griesinger, Celeste Tưởng Vy Sharpe, Matthew Lincoln, Shawn Graham, Patrik Persson, Daniel van Strien, Andrew Dunning, milaoiva, Amanda Morton, Eira Tansey, Jim Clifford, James Baker, Jonathan Reeve, Jacob W Greene, Luke Bergmann, Kim Pham, John Fink, silviaegt, Patrick Burns, John Levin, bmw9t, Adam Crymble, Evan Taparata, M. H. Beals, Mary Beth Start, Robert Blades, Ian Milligan, John Laudun, Konrad Lawson, Nora McGregor, Dennis Tenen, William J Turkel, Taryn Dewar, Finn Arne Jørgensen, Jeff Bain-Conkin, Nick Pearce, Amanda Visconti, Eli Pousson, Sarah Simpkin, Aurélien Berra, Fred Gibbs, Chris Forster, W. Caleb McDaniel, Nick Ruest, Miriam Posner, Dave Shepard, Thomas J. Duck, Eduardo Sanchez, Spencer Roberts, Sheila Brennan, Sara Palmer, Jeff Veitch, Tim Compeau, Stéfan Sinclair, Catherine DeRose, Jane Winters, Sharon Howard, Nancy Lemay, Ethan Miller, Lisa Spiro, Paige Morgan, Jamie Howe, John Russell, Charlotte Tupman, Erin N. Bush, Derek Price, Michelle Moravec, Ezra Brooks, Russell Alleen-Willems, Brandon Hawk, Guy McClellan, Jonathan Blaney, Tessa C Hausewdell, Jonanna Swafford, Nabeel Siddiqui, Rob Sieczkiewicz, Ben Hurwitz, Patrick Murray-John, Jason Heppler, Will Hanley, Peter Webster, Ryan Cordell, Justin Larsen, Jason Crider, Sean Morey, Léon Robichaud, Adam Dennett, Brandon Walsh, Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller, Anouk Lang, Lee Skallerup Bessette, Sandra van Ginhoven, Taylor Arnold, Elisa Beshero-Bondar, Anne Chao, Qiwei Li, Anandi Silva Knuppel, Puteri Zarina Megat Khalid, and, hopefully, you! Find out more about how to contribute.

Finally, we’d like to thank those who have been involved in organizing, running, leading, or supporting workshops involving the project and Project Team: