Programming Historian English Language Lesson Template

This file can be used as a template for writing your lesson. It includes information and guidelines on formatting which supplement but do not replace the author’s guidelines (/en/author-guidelines)

Some Important Reminders:

Lesson Metadata

Delete everything above this line when ready to submit your lesson.

collection: lessons
layout: lesson

A Table of Contents

Include the following short code to automatically generate a table of contents for your lesson (mandatory).


Some Markdown Formatting Examples:

First Level Heading

Second Level Heading

Third Level Heading

Fourth Level Heading

Font Formatting

bold text italic text reserved words (eg “for loop”, or “myData.csv”)

Create a link to Programming Historian using the format in this sentence. Ensure linked phrases are semantically meaningful. Do not link terms that are meaningful only to sighted users such as “click here”.

Inserting Images:

Copy this short-code to insert an image. Replace words in all caps with your image information (eg, Figure1.jpg). Captions should include sequential image numbering (eg “Figure 1: …”).



Alerts and Warnings

If you want to include an aside or a warning to readers, you can set it apart from the main text:

Be sure that you follow directions carefully!

It will appear in a coloured box and can be useful for drawing attention to particular warnings.

A Sample Unordered List

A Sample Ordered List

  1. Here is an item
  2. Here is another item
  3. Here is the final item

A Sample Table

| Heading 1 | Heading 2 | Heading 3 | | ——— | ——— | ——— | | Row 1, column 1 | Row 1, column 2 | Row 1, column 3| | Row 2, column 1 | Row 2, column 2 | Row 2, column 3| | Row 3, column 1 | Row 3, column 2 | Row 3, column 3|

Table 1: This table contains…


An End Note:

This is some text.1 This is some more text.2


Further Questions?

Your assigned editor or the managing editor would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  1. Properly formatted citation using Chicago Manual of Style  2 3

  2. Properly formatted citation using Chicago Manual of Style